Traffic Management

Lane / Road Closures

In order to provide free-flowing lanes for all drivers in greater Sydney, Traffic Patrol utilises road closures and detours only where necessary. We provide the best routes for a more convenient and faster drive time, while ensuring a safe working environment for our clients. To avoid hazards on the road such as bends, junctions and blind corners, we minimise the use of alternative road and route junctions, put up clear warning signs for road obstructions ahead and protect obstructions and client employees with barriers. ​

24-hour on-call personalised service

​Traffic Patrol’s mission is to protect the general Sydney public as well as our clients employees and properties from traffic related accidents or issues by providing a 24-hour on-call service for all our clients needs. Our traffic management and traffic control solutions are available wherever and whenever our clients need them. By providing excellent traffic services, allowing you to leave the road management concerns to us and to help you with your projects. 

Risk Management

Research conducted by the MMA (Motor Accidents Authority) in NSW, reports that most deaths occurring from transportation accidents are caused by road traffic accidents, which can be easily avoided. Safety is crucial when working near or on roads used by the general public. Traffic Patrol aims to mitigate risks for all clients by hiring traffic controllers who have undergone rigorous training to prepare them for their duties ahead. Our Risk Management methods include but are not limited to signage, signals and road markings. Visible loading and unloading areas, strict parking regulation and general maintenance are just a few of the areas which we specialise in.

Specialised traffic engineering

Aside from a wide range of traffic and road management services, Traffic Patrol also performs specialised traffic engineering to ensure fluidity of traffic in all areas of Sydney. Traffic Patrol hires only the most qualified and accredited experts, delegated with traffic controlling responsibilities such as monitoring road safety signs in their designated areas, diversions of traffic on existing roads or proposals for new lanes and critically analysing road designs to ensure safety for residents in the area and for the community as a whole

Traffic control equipment supply

Traffic Patrol in Sydney is geared towards ensuring road safety and security for everyone. We make sure that we have all the necessary equipment to assist us with our duties, from basic hand held signage to more advanced equiptment. Our traffic control equipment range from, but are not limited to: traffic paddles and barricade lights, expandable barrier accessories, traffic cones, traffic barricades and pavement markers.flexi nullus.


​Traffic Patrol provides services to all clients in Sydney and in the surrounding areas on a 24-hour basis. Our lines are open at all times of the day, no matter your business requirements. Our accredited traffic controllers are on stand by to assist you with all your needs, with our hands-on traffic experience and expertise, to help you during urgent situations. We also provide a roaming Traffic Patrol vehicle to check on traffic situations and accident-prone areas day in and day out.